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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Trumpet play with Miss Kelly & Jazz with Dizzy & More

Moon Sand!


First day of Journal pages

Ari journaled about a "stain circle for his mom"

Tristan journaled about school and Kate wanted to color her whole paper gray!

Avi journaled about...

Mike Wazowski (from memory!)

And Boo!

Frankie journaled about a house

Drew journaled about a circle, broken parts, a roof and a garage!

Greta journaled about a castle

Brianna journaled about Mommy and Daddy and Austin

Zander journaled about his mom and dad

Isaac was journaling about how to write the letter C

Then we talked about Trumpets! 

The Trumpet is the longer instrument
The Coronet is the shorter instrument
Even though they look alike!

It was fun to show the kiddos the different sounds and pitches 
a trumpet can make!

They were humming the scales with me!

They learned that if I blow in the mouthpiece and they tapped the keys
that they could make music with me!

I then showed them a video about Dizzy Gillespie (they thought his name was so silly!)
who is a Jazz musician who plays the trumpet!

They loved dancing to the Jazz music

And they laughed at how silly his cheeks were when he played!

It was such a fun day today!!

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