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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Ticket to Ride, mailing some letters and the "what's in this box" game!

Handwriting without Tears worksheets are fun and help the children learn how to write the letter

After some small group time, we grabbed our tickets 
and took the train!

And some cars

And a bus!

Today we learned that boxes are not the only things 
you can put stuff in.

The children each made you a letter today and "mailed" them.

Be sure to grab your letter out of the mailbox today!
Feel free to send one back to the children too :)

Our question of the day was: What goes in this box?
It was such a fun game!

Some of the children thought puppies came from this box...
but Kate said Dog Food! :)

Some of the children thought this box had candy in it but Graham knew it was rocks!

Brianna found the box that French Fries come in!

And Lily said Vanilla ice cream came in this box!

Drew was exploring the gloves that came in this box

and Zander said this box came with sausages in it!

Some of the children thought this box had been full of wipes
but Ari knew that bags came in this box!

Frankie found the box that had crackers from school in it, and a box with dinosaurs on it!

Some of the other boxes were: Chinese food, apples, Graham crackers, cereal, water, and Scooby doo snacks!

Lucy was excited about all the fun boxes! She liked the 
one that had "breakfast" in it :)

Our last box of the day was a fun one!
When the kiddos smelled it they knew right away it was a box that gum came in!

This is such a fun game for everyone!

You should try it at home... 
You'd be surprised how many things these kiddos know!

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