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Friday, March 23, 2018

Spring is here!

Alena is making a fence for her farm animals 

Owen and Maggie are making fun drum sounds on some empty candy containers 

Henry is looking at the shadow of his hand on the paper 

The boys are putting together Mat Mans body 

Marcus and Greyden are helping Miss. Kylie put together a puzzle 

Piper is practicing writing her letters with the alphabet stencil 
                                                              Hunting for Easter eggs in the Sensory Table! 

Brooks and Raegan are pretending they are pirates destroying the castle  

Henry made a triangle with the straws 
Blake is fitting the 2 into the block 

Beau is reading a book about music 
                       The friends are drawing what they think the big, pink Easter egg looks like! 

Madison is on the hunt with her magnifying glass for a treasure in the beads 

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