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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Art Outside

It's no secret that the 3's class loves to paint. This this week we found out that the 3's class loves to paint outside too! 

Maksim and Eli liked painting on the fence. :)

Jordan is using sticks instead of paintbrushes. Van is mixing black and green paint.

Maximilian's is trying hard to keep his paint smock was very windy outside!

Eli and Maksim are creating wonderful works of art!

Benen is using just the tip of the stick to paint and Archer is using his hands. :)

Weston enjoys painting with the stick too!

We had so much fun painting outside!
The next day, we decided to decorate the sidewalks at Central Park. :)

I believe Walter and Ian are making race cars.

Olivia is about to begin a masterpiece!

Weston wanted some help drawing a big eagle.

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