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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My mom turned into a pickle?

At large group time, I told the class that I needed their help writing a story. Jordan was sitting next to me so I asked her how are story should start. I wrote down what she said and then went around the circle and wrote down what everyone said in order. (I tried to write down word for word what everyone said.) Here is what we came up with....

Our Story

The firefighter is coming. There is a storm coming. There is thunder and lightning and then the plow
 needs to come and plow it away. There is a castle on fire and there is a knight who is stuck in the 
castle. There is a firestorm and he rushes to the fire department and the firefighter come. Then I tell
 my mommy about the firefighter and then she turns into a pickle, a cucumber, a man, and a pickle

        Then there is a tornado and I have a basket to catch the tornado and I hide in the basement and
 then I hide in the wall and turn into a pickle and a cucumber. Then there was nobody outside so I
found worms, because no one could tell us we couldn't find worms. Then a tornado crashed into a 
fire and a firefighter crashed into the fire and the firefighter sprayed the tornado and the fire. The my
momma turned into a pickle, then into a cucumber and then bumped her head. Then she turns into a 
wall, then into a picture. Then she ate some chocolate treats. Then she goes up into a tornado and I
 say "Mom, Mom!" and its only my dad. Then a thunderstorm blows the house. Then my mom turns 
into a fish, then into a carrot, a chip, and then a thunderstorm. I say "Mom, Mom are you okay?"

The End

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