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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Music study continued

Yesterday and today we talked about Bob Marley again 
and watched his One Love song.

Bob Marley dance party!

After taking a Literacy training last night I came up with a few more ideas as to where I can put out paper and pencils for the children to write on throughout the day.
It went over very well!

Quinn and Kate were "writing down their ideas"

Drew was making a shopping list and Quinn was  making a list of birthday friends while Kate wrote about her feelings!

Lacing fun

Today we hooked up our new Roku box! 
We are now able to watch the youtube music videos on a larger screen with better sound quality than my laptop :)

(If anyone knows how to make it go to full screen, feel free to let me know!)
We talked about making sounds with our mouths and tongues.
The children were very interested in this!
We then watched a couple Pentatonix videos 
(Mary Did you Know was their favorite so far)

They were amazed and wanted to know HOW the "boys" made sounds like drums with their mouths.
It was super fun and quite exciting for us all!

Feel free to contact me with any videos that you know of that are good ones to show the kiddos!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Bob Marley to start off our Music study!

Don't worry about a thing!
Cuz every little thing's gonna be alright 
The children had a great time listening to our first Bob Marley song and reading a book about this song.  They may come home singing this song... they really loved it!

We made the three birds from the Bob Marley book that represent peace, love and harmony 

We also played outside today!

Happy Tuesday!