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Friday, December 8, 2017

Deck the halls!

Christmas is near and the kiddos are leaning a lot and having a great time! 

We started leaning about how to weave!

Henry B. found shapes that match!

Miss. Alicia did some more digging and found the rest of the Christmas decorations and activities! 
Raegan is listing off all of the letters she sees on the box. 

The kiddos learned a new game-Simon Says! 

Loom Weaving! 

The kiddos did such a great job at matching the Christmas bulb ornament letters to the Christmas tree letters! 

It's almost party day! 🎄

Friday, December 1, 2017

December is HERE!

We started winter/ Christmas crafts this week

Decorating fabric squares to make a quilt

Learning to Sew with shapes

We are doing a great job at spelling our name! 

Henry J. is reading a Thanksgiving book to Oliver 

Making gingerbread play-dough

Hayden did not like the smell of the gingerbread play-dough 😋

Beau is writing a poem with Miss. Nancy 

Playing with the Gingerbread Play-dough 

Our new class friend thinks the loft is lots of fun! 

Gingerbread sensory fun!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Learning how clothes are cleaned and fall activities!

Maggie is outlining an acorn with Cheerios 

Addison druming on the Lego bin 

Brooks tasting the whip cream 

Reading books about Fall 

We tried some whip cream sensory 

Henry is Stamping letters

Washing clothes is fun! 

Everybody wanted to play Button Bingo!

Building Letters with bears and buttons

The kids hung their washed clothes on the clothes line to let them dry.