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Thursday, October 10, 2019

"Don't throw that away!"

Here are some photos from the week!

Sensory table is fun with shredded paper, tweezers, and tongs!

Handwriting without tears worksheets

Time for Number play!

Today we read a super fun book called "Don't throw that away!"
We all really had fun with this game.
Don't be surprised if you go to throw something away that is recyclable or reusable and 
your kiddos yell at you "Don't throw that away!"
Great book, ask them about it!

Brianna said she would reuse her coffee tub to put a drink it

Isaac said he would reuse his Tim Horton's cup to put water in

Zander told Kate he would use the ice cream bucket for crispies!

Frankie said he would make this dishwasher tablet container into a dinosaur!

Ari said he would use this marker box to make a tractor or a robot

Quinn said she would use reuse this milk jug to make a bird feeder to feed the birds

Lily made these oatmeal containers into drums!

Drew said she would put spray water to reuse this spray bottle 

Learning how to reuse things to help keep our earth clean and healthy has been so fun!
They kiddos are just soaking it all it!!

Loving the new dress up clothes :)

Hammering fun!

Taking care of the babies

We took a short trip to the playground today.
The kiddos had a great time, even if it was just for a few minutes!

What a great week so far!