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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Penelope is having fun at my house!

In case the kiddos ask about Penelope :)  She is doing well and having fun keeping us up at night running... :)

Aparently she does not love carrots as much as us in the Three's do!

Just a note from Miss Kelly (also sent in email)

Hello Threes families,

As I sit here on the second day of closure I can't help but think of my little ones.  I know they are all creatures of habit and that they may have a hard time with this time off.  If anyone needs anything, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be checking my email (probably daily). 

Some of you have been asking for our daily schedule, to keep the kiddos busy and on a somewhat same schedule so I have attached our daily schedule to this email.
To specify; Large group is the time when we sit together on the carpet and talk about our study. This is where we discuss many things! Once in a while I let them all talk about whatever they need to for a few minutes, but most times it is structured towards something to get them thinking about the study.  
The blog has our lesson plans on it, and this is where we do our "questions of the day" so you can look on there and make your own up if you wanted to continue something like this.  Small group time is usually the handwriting pages, or a free writing exercise.  It is also where we do our fine motor activities such as play-doh, moon sand, art or sensory/science stuff.  This is also when we do our cooking together, which the kiddos love! This could be something fun to start if you have not done so at home.  

 The kiddos have been loving zoo-phonics and writing.  They have loved using our dry erase boards and practicing their names!  If you do this with them, please be sure to only capitalize the first letter of their name.  We have been working really hard on lowercase letters!

You can also go to youtube and type in zoo-phonics and see the video. The man on there is a bit silly, but at least the song and movements are on there.  I also suggest going onto the blog if you have time. Check out things we have been doing, let them see and talk to you about their friends and teachers and what they will be doing when we all return (exercise study!). Please give them hugs from us, we miss them already.

I will be trying to send links to our favorite songs and maybe even a video or two of things the kids have loved doing, I just have to figure out how to find them :)

For now, if you go to youtube and find Claire Ryann and click on the Peace in Christ song, this is a song they all love.  It has given me great peace in the last few days and I think it might you as well.
I will be praying for you all and praying this will be short lived and we can all go back to our "normal" work schedules and places of business, but for now, please try to keep in touch as much as possible.  This may be a difficult time for everyone, kiddos included, so as always, please do not hesitate to contact me with anything you need, they need, or just anything.  You know where I'll be! :)
I will check in often, and hopefully this time spent with your kiddos is found to be a sweet little blessing. 

Thank you for all you have done to help at this difficult time, stay safe!

Much love, 

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Execise Study Starts!

Fine motor activites

Teaching kiddos how to do push ups!

And Jumping Jacks!

Reading about exercise and how it is great for your body

Making "Love and Friendship" notes for teachers in the center

Each child, each day, was asked to draw a note for any teacher of their choice in the center!
They all had a great time with this and loved delivering their "love notes" to the teachers!

More Exercising

Learning about sports

And the body parts affected by exercising and how good it is for you!

We went on a "teacher walk" around the center so the kids could decide who they wanted to 
make their notes to!

Note making time!

Now for some stretching

And pedal pushes

Happy Thursday!
Stay healthy everyone!!